The iTalk prepaid calling card is a service provided by TM that enables you to make National and International calls and facsimiles to 79 countries, including Singapore, at attractive rates. The connection is made through Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP).
This service is available through any touch-tone phone, mobile phone or payphone by dialing a 1-800 number as listed below:

1800 87 8777 Bahasa Malaysia & English
1800 87 8787 Mandarin & Cantonese
1800 87 8797 Tamil, Urdu & Bangla

Alternatively, there are local access numbers available for callers to use from their nearest location. However PSTN or mobile (depending on the call origin) call charges will be billed to the telephone used to access the local numbers. The list of local access numbers are as follows:

03-9139 8088 Kuala Lumpur/P.Jaya 07-230 1388 Johor Bahru
03-8730 2388 Kajang/Putrajaya 09-510 9188 Kuantan
04-773 2188 Alor Setar 09-625 5688 K.Terengganu
04-972 3188 Kangar 09-740 1188 Kota Bharu
04-201 2688 Penang 082-403 188 Kuching
05-661 2688 Ipoh 085-404 488 Miri
06-270 3288 Melaka 088-201 888 Kota Kinabalu
06-760 5188 Seremban 089-205 788 Sandakan

What Is iTalk Prepaid Calling Card:
iTalk is a prepaid calling card that offers you some of the best rates for National and International calls. While connecting you through Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP), it gives you more value for so much less.

  • Widely accessible. Use iTalk from any touch-tone phone, payphone and mobile phone.
  • Available in denominations of RM30, RM60 and RM100.
  • Easily available at over 10,000 outlets nationwide including all TMpoint, participating handphone outlets, bookstores, petrol stations, at selected QuickLoad vending machines and outlets where you see the iTalk, Whoops! or e-pay sign and via website at mobile88.com.

So enjoy a leisurely conversation with friends and loved ones nationwide and around the world without having to worry about the cost. Talk more for less with iTalk.

Product Features
Service features and benefits:

  • Single access number for making voice and fax calls.
  • Service access is free via Freephone numbers.
  • Service coverage of up to 79 International destinations at anytime. More countries to be added on demand.
  • Seven languages IVR options i.e. Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tamil, Urdu and Bangla.
  • User-friendly Voice Prompt to assist callers in making the calls.
  • Unique card number as security feature.
  • Calls can be made from Homeline/Businessline, payphones and mobile phones.
  • Card value balance announcement before making calls.
  • Maximum talk time alerts before the call is connected.
  • Follow-on call can be made after called party hangs up

Why Use iTalk Prepaid Calling Card:

  • Lower National Call and International Call rate
  • Ability to make National and International call to 79 countries.
  • Available in 3 denominations of RM30, RM60, RM100 - to suit your varying needs.
  • Single access number for voice and fax calls.
  • 7 language options to choose from; Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tamil, Urdu or Bangla.
  • User friendly voice prompt to assist you in making calls.
  • Useful information; i.e. card value balance and maximum talking time announcement before making a call.

For more details, customers can call the Customer Care Centre at 1-800-882-882