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Telekom Sales & Services Sdn. Bhd (TSSSB) is one of the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Telekom Malaysia Berhad and responsible in managing all the 105 TMpoint outlets nationwide as the 'one-stop solution' for all TM Group products and services. TSSSB always believe that customers are always the main priority and on that reason, in 2009, as part of supporting the entrepreneurship development program and to further enhanced the sales and services, TSSSB has introduced a program called TMpoint TM Authorized Dealership Program (TAD).


The program is designed to offer entrepreneurs who are focus, customer- driven and interested in having successful business collaboration with TSSSB and TM. TAD program is a 'Dealer Owned, Dealer Operated' outlet concept and at any of the TAD outlets, there will be a selected TM products and services to be offered to all customers, which will include bill payments, TM fixed line and TM Streamyx applications.


The dealers will have an opportunity to run their own business, be responsible for their own success and will constantly be guided by TSSSB and TM. They will also received tools to help in ensuring success in managing their own outlets, which will include support in various areas such as operations, training, coaching, advertising & promotional materials, consultation, purchasing of equipments, CPE and many more. With all these, there is no doubt that TSSSB and TM is offering an extensive opportunity to all the dealers towards personal and business growth.


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